Home page of the Peruvian State

President of the Republic: Pedro Pablo Kuczynski
The Republic of Peru is constituted by 25 departments and a population of more than 30 million of inhabitants.
The Peruvian State uses its website as a communication tool among the organism that made it up by: the Presidency of the Cabinet, the Congress of the Republic, the Judicial Power and a list of entities.

Home of the Presidency of the Republic

The Presidency of the Republic is formed by the President, the Vicepresident and 19 ministries.
The home page has access to information about the Cabinet, News, Official Speeches, Agenda. Besides, there are news about the official ceremonies.

Organism of private investment in telecommunications (OSIPTEL)

It is an entity that depends on the Cabinet Presidency, which has the purpose of regulating the market of the telecommunication public services. It was created since the legislative decree Nª 702/91.
The website includes Institutional Data, information for Users and about the Operating Companies.

Public Media

Official Newspaper “El Peruano”

It is an official newspaper created in 1825, which includes information about several issues of the Peruvian and international scenario. Among its main services of the website, there are links to the Official Gazette and Regulations.

TV and Radio Consultive Board

It is an autonomous organism under the administration of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The purpose of this entity is to constitute a consultive space among the public and private sectors and the civil society. -view more-
It has news, investigations, events, tenders, and regulations.

National Institute of Radio and TV of Peru

It is an organism with administrative, economic and financial autonomy. It is formed by the public media of Peru.
It has the objective of operating the State media and executing its contents, within a multicultural framework.

Radio National Coordinating
Peru Editor

It was created since the Decree 21.420. It is an editor in charge of the production of the following newspapers: La Crónica, La Tercera, Diario Oficial and El Peruano. Besides, it publishes the public graphic material, with the objective of providing information to the whole Peruvian society.
The page includes information about the Institution, the Products, the Tariffs and the Transparency of the organism.

“Andina” Peruvian News Agency

It is an agency that belongs to Peru Editor. It is in charge of producing news about Politics, Economy, Domestic Affairs, Regional and International issues, Culture and Sports.

Home of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau
The Prime Minister of Canada is the leader of the political party that obtained the most seats in the House of Commons. In this sense, the Prime Minister is not elected directly, but citizens vote in favor of deputies of one of the parties in conflict.
The website offers information about the actions of the Prime Minister and its cabinet.

Portal of the Government of Canada

Canada is a country that establishes its political system from a parliamentary monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II of England is the official head of State of Canada and counts with a representative who is the Governor. He is appointed by the Prime Minister.
The political decisions of the country are taken with autonomy on part of the Canadian government formed by the Prime Minister and the Parliament.
The Canada State uses the portal of the Government to broadcast information. It also represents a channel of communication with citizens through the web platform, which has information about services and organisms.

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission

President: Jean-Pierre Blais
It is an organism that regulates the telecommunications, radio and TV, since the Broadcasting Law of 1991 and the Telecommunications Law of 1993. The objective of the institution is that Canadians can access to the services regulated by both laws.
Besides, it produces information about the consumptions of these products by the Canadian population, which are published in the web of the commission.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

It is an institution that gathers public TV and radios of Canada. It aims to offer high quality contents to citizens, with the purpose of strengthening and broadcasting the culture of Canada.
It started its operations in 1922 and it was constituted as a policy that would counteract the cultural influence of United States. At present, CBC has eight radio stations (some in English, others in French) and a TV channel.

Public Communication Secretariat

Secretary: Jorge Greco

It is an organism dependent on the Cabinet. It is formed by three under-secretariats:
Under Secretariat of Administration
Under Secretariat of Public Communication
Under Secretariat of Communication and Broadcasting

Among its main responsibilities, the Secretariat is in charge of the execution of the public communication of the Nation; the institutional articulation between the public communication of the National State act and media; the planning and execution of the official publicity of the centralized administration and the approbation of the decentralized administration.
View Objectives

Press Office

The Press Office, which depends on the Public Communication Secretariat, is aimed at communicating the State agenda as well as news about the Presidency of the Argentine Nation and its ministries. It has a multimedia archive formed by photos, videos,audios and documents.

Website of the Argentine Republic

President: Mauricio Macri

The Argentine Republic is located in the South Cone of America. It has 41.803.125 inhabitants, 23 provinces and the Buenos Aires Autonomous City.
On the website, there is information focused on several axis: historical; practical -consultation and procedural-; and informative. It has the following sections: Country where people can find historical and geographical data. Information, which has links to other relevant information like science and technology, culture, sports, among others topics. Procedures y Directory, in order to access to the addresses, telephones and websites of State organisms.

Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic

The laws that emanate from the Congress of the Nation as well as the acts of the Executive Power are published in the Official Gazette every day. A rule becomes effective as of its publication in the Official Gazette.
The page is organized in four sections. The first one is about laws and official announcements. The second section is about societies -political parties, public limited company, among others. The third section is linked to public contracting, and the fourth one has the Internet domains.

Public Media

Argentine Radio and Television organization (RTA)

It is a state-owned company that was created since the sanction of the Audiovisual Communication Law. It has the objective of administering public media: Public Television, National Radio and Channel 12 of Trenque Lauquen.
On the website, there is institutional information as well as the history of the Argentine radio and television. There are also links to other pages like the Office of the Ombudsman, the Federal Authority for Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCA,), AR-SAT, the Federal Authority for Telecommunications Technology (AFTIC), Open Digital Television (TDA), Association of the Argentines National Universities Radio Stations (ARUNA), and the Advisory Council of Audiovisual Communication and Childhood.

Channel 7, Public Television home page

The Channel 7 began broadcasting television in 1951 until today, uninterruptedly. In 2001, it became part of the National System of Public Media, along with the National Radio, among others organisms. At present, the Public Television is part of the Argentine Radio and Television organization (RTA), as a result of the sanction of the Law 26.522.
Users can access to the TV contents and programming on the Channel 7 web, which also has a live section. Besides, there is the access to the historical archive of the Argentine Radio and Television organization (RTA).

Télam National news agency

Télam is the national news agency of Argentina. It started functioning as the official agency of the Argentine State news in 1945. Its board is made up by a president, a vicepresident and a director.
The Télam home has several sections for news as Economy, Politics, Society, World, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Culture, Tourism, and Opinion. There is also a multimedia news archive.

National Radio

The first broadcasting entity of National Radio was founded in 1937, under the name of State Broadcasting Station LRA. At present, National Radio of Argentina is made up by fifty nationwide broadcasting entities.
On the web, which has institutional information, users can listen live radio programs. It also has access to news from the sections of economy, society, judicial, world, sports, entertainment, technology and culture.

TV Channel “Encuentro”

It is a TV channel with educational and pedagogical purposes of free access, which belongs to the Education Ministry of the Nation. It was created on May 2005. On its website there is access to the TV live programming, and it also has a section of specific scholar contents for teachers.

Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services

It was created in 2009, since the sanction of the Law (26.522) of Audiovisual Communication Services, in order to establish itself as its enforcement authority.
On the website there is institutional information, and also it has access to the Audiovisual Media Fund (FOMECA). Besides, there is an Argentine audiovisual map.


Secretariat of Communication

The Secretariat of Communication of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay publishes the magazine “Uruguay Cambia””, which includes the Government’s activities.
At present, this section is a brief which details the Presidency’s halls for ceremonies.

Press Office

This section is about the information produced by the Institutional Communication Secretariat, in relation to the news of the country. It also has an audio and video archive, along with documents to be downloaded. Besides, journalists can access to the Press Accreditations through a webform.

Regulatory Unit of Communication Services

It is the organism that regulates the activities of telecommunications and postal services. It is directed by a Commission made up by three members appointed by the President of the Republic.
Information about the organisms, services and technical data can be found on the website.

Presidency of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

President: Tabaré Vázquez

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is located in the southeast of the Americas, with an area of 176,215 square kilometers.
The website is aims to issue information about the Republic President and his functions; the Presidency offices, the vicepresident, the ministers and the regulatory framework. It also has news regards the Presidency, the national agenda and an access to “Vera TV”.

Public Media

Radio, Television and Broadcasting Official Service (SODRE)

It is the executing unit that depends on the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is aimed at broadcasting the culture and traditions of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, through its organisms like the national ballet, the youth orchestra, the national choir and the chamber music.
On the website there is information about those artistic bodies, as well as the National Archive of the Image and the Word, training schools and the activities’ schedule.

National Television of Uruguay

It is state-owned open channel, which depends on the Ministry of Education and Culture. It was authorized as a channel in 1955 but it began broadcasting in 1963. At present it has 23 antennas distributed in the whole country. -view more-.
The National Television of Uruguay (TNU) home includes news focused on Politics, Culture, Society, Economy, Internal Affairs, Sports, International contents, and the TV programming.

Public Affairs home page

It is an initiative defined as an audiovisual documentary library related to public interest issues. On its website, it can be found an interactive memory with the sections of: Culture; Economy; Education; Business; Politics; Society y Science and Technology. There is also the programming schedule.

Agency of E-government and Information and Knowledge Society (AGESIC)

It is an executing unity that depends on the Presidency of the Republic. It is in charge of the implementation and the right functioning of the E-government, with the purpose that citizens can use the Technologies of Information and Communication.
On the website there are the Institutional information of the agency, as well as the Strategies of the E-Government and the Information Society. It also has Initiatives taken by the organism and several Resources for citizens.

Regulatory Unit of Communication Services

It is an organism that regulates the telecommunication and postal services, which depends on the Republic Presidency. On the website there are Rules, the agents regulated by the unit, technical information and other services.


Government home

President:Michel Temer
The Federative Republic of Brazil was constituted as a State since the declaration of the independence in 1822.
The Government home has the objective of communicating the official ceremonies in relation to the sections of Citizenship and Justice, Science and Technology, Culture, Defense and Security, Economy and Employment, Education, Sports, Government, Infrastructure, Environment, Health and Tourism.
Besides, there is an option called “Speak with the Government”, and also presents an interactive model for citizens through the access “Speak with the President”.

Home of Palacio do Panalto- Presidency of the Republic

The Palacio do Planalto is the seat of the Executive Power, where is located the main office of the government. It is located in Plaza de los tres Poderes, in the city of Brasilia.
On the website there is information about the public agenda, presidential speeches, interviews, official articles. There are also the links to the Presidency and Vicepresidency, with their activities.

Secretariat of Social Communication

Minister: Edinho Silva
The Secretariat of Social Communication is aimed at representing a link among all the ministries and organism of the Executive Power of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in order to produce and promote a homogeneous public communication.
It was created in 1979 since the Law 6650, and modified twice with the Law 10683/03, the Decree 4799 and the Decree 5849/06. Thus, it was constituted as the body of the Federal Government in charge of the administration and the strategic planning of the communication.

Ministry of Communication

Minister: André Peixoto Figueiredo Lima
The Communication Minister was created through the Decree-Law N° 200/67, in order to administrate and control the postal, radio and telecommunications services. The agency’s mission is to “design, implement and monitor transparent and participative public policies, which can promote the access to communication services. It is also aimed at contributing to the economic and technological development, the democratization and social inclusion in Brazil”.-view more-

Public Media

National Agency of Telecommunications (ANATEL)

It is an autonomous organism, which depends on the Public Federal Administration, created since the Law 9472/97. It is in charge of the regulation of the telecommunication in order to contribute to the country development.
The website is formed by four main axis:
Regulated Sector
The four axis include information about the public and private sector linked with the agency.

Home page of the Brazilian Communication Company (EBC)

It is a company created in 2007 in order to centralize the administration of the contents of the Brazilian public media (radio, TV and graphics). It is described as a company aimed at “creating and broadcasting contents that contribute to the critical formation of people”. -view Mission, Vision, Values-.
On the website there are contents of the seven Radios that made up the public radio, the Agency of Brazil, and the TV of Brazil (national e international).

Agency of Brazil

This agency is part of the group of the Brazilian Communication Company (EBC). It produces news about Culture, Human Rights, Economy, Education, General Information, World, Investigation and Innovation. The website also includes a gallery of images.


There are seven radios administered by the Brazilian Communication Company (EBC):
National Radio AM do Río de Janeiro
National Radio AM Brasilia
National Radio da Amazonia
Radio Nacional do Alto Solimoes
Radio MEC AM Río de Janeiro
National Radio FM Brasilia
Radio MEC FM Rio de Janeiro

TV Brazil

National and International TV are both part of the Brazilian Communication Company (EBC).

Home page of the Presidency of the Republic

President: Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara
Paraguay Republic is a State that was constituted in 1811, and is made up by 17 departments and a Capital District.
The website of the Presidency of the Republic of Paraguay is aimed at presenting itself as an access to all the organism of the government. It is a channel of information about the President, the Agenda, News, Decrees; Official Gazette and fotos y audiovisual contents. It also includes the secretariats of State and the Law of Transparency 5189, through the links located on the home page.

Secretariat of Information and Communication

Minister -Executive Secretary: Fabrizio Caligaris
It is an organism created in 2008 since the sanction of the Decree 171. Among its main responsibilities, there is the creation of strategies in order to strengthen and develop the link between the State and Civil Society. -view ¿What about SICOM?-.
On the website there are the accesses to the public media, the presidential agenda, and the President’s speeches.

National Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies

Minister-Executive Secretary: David Ocampos
It is an organism that depends on the Executive Power. This Secretariat is aimed at the development of policies related to the use of Information and Communication Technologies in several areas.
The website includes the sections of Institutionalinformation, Services, Projects; Agenda, among others.

Public Media

Agency of Paraguayan Information

It is the news agency of the Paraguayan State and depends on the Secretariat of Information and Communication. It produces information focused on the axis of Politics, Economy, Domestic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Culture and Sports.

Paraguay TV

It is a media established since the Secretariat of Information and Communication for the Development, which has the objective of contributing to the exercise of the communication as a main human right. -view the channel-.
It is about a high definition channel, which can be watched live, through the webpage, channel 14, or channel 15 (digital format).

National Radio of Paraguay

It is a radio that forms part of the SICOM. It is made up by four national radios:
RNP AM 920
National Radio of Paraguay FM 95.1
National Radio ZP12 AM 700
National Radio of San Pedro FM 105.9

Ministry of Communication

Minister: Marianela Paco Durán
The Ministry of Communication is made up by two vice-ministries:
Vice-minister of communication policies.
It is an organism that aims to carry out the development of the communication process, within the framework of the Plurinational State with intercultural democracy. This task includes the administration and planning of the public media.
Besides the general options of the institution and the legal framework, the website has a section of Transparency that includes information about the personnel, the salary scales and travel reports. In addition to this, there is a section called Press that has News regarding the Plurinational State of Bolivia, President’s audios, Speeches and reports of the ministerial administration.

Website of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

President: Evo Morales Ayma
The Plurinational State of Bolivia is characterized by the recognition of its communities, while it also keeps an unit organization, in relation to the integrity of the national territory.
The virtual communication of the Bolivian government gives information about the Presidency, the Vicepresidency, the ministries and other public organisms like the Central Bank, the universities, the stock Exchange.

On its website there are some links to public newspapers and radios.

Ministry of the Presidency

Minister: Juan Ramón Quintana Taborga
This Ministry is constituted as a link among the State, the Civil Society organizations, and the native peoples. Among its objectives, there are the strengthening, development and improvement of the institutional transparency of the State.

On the home page, there are news about public policies and information regarding the functions and institutional characteristics of the organism.

Public Media

Radio: Red Patria Nueva

It is a public radio that can be listened through its frequency (94.1 La Paz) or the webpage, which also has news of public interest.

Bolivia TV

It is the public channel of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Its Mission is defined about the ideals of integration of the several cultures of the country. The site has versions in Spanish, Aymara and Quechua.
On the website there is information about national and international news, TV programming and other projects. There are also some links: reparticiones del Estado, a list of the public media and the technical contacts of the channel, through the option Signal Reception Parameters.

Bolivian Agency of Information (ABI)

It is an agency that produces news about events in Bolivia from several points of view. It is part of the Communication Ministry. The organization of the information is focused on the following axis: Economy and Finances, Armed Forces, Justice, Politics, Religion, Employment, Unions, Culture, Education, Government, Regions, Transports, Sports, Energy, Hydrocarbons, General Information, Police, Foreign Affairs, Health, among others.

Besides, it has access to Photography and information of international agencies.

Network of radios of Native Peoples

On its website there is a map that showed the places where are located the several radios of native peoples. It is a network that depends on the Plurinational State of Bolivia and has news about Politics; Economy; Region; Culture; Sports; International; Gender and Training.

Home page of the Government of the Republic

President: Michelle Bachelet Jeria
The Republic of Chile is located in the southwest corner of America and has an extension of about 757.000 square kilometers.
The webpage has information about the institutional characteristics divided into the sections of President, el Palacio de la Moneda(seat of the President), Ministries and authorities and the Presidency’s Press, which is an autonomous site.
Besides, there is an special section about the Transparency, which has a link to the Law of access to the public information.

Ministry General Secretariat of the Government

Minister: Marcelo Díaz Díaz
La finalidad principal de este Ministerio, es proveer asesoría comunicacional a los diferentes sectores del Estado, con el propósito de generar e implementar políticas de gobierno coordinadas.
On the website there are institutional information (about the Minister and his public activities), as well as sections on the regional authorities, photo galleries, and videos.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister: Heraldo Muñoz Valenzuela
The purpose of this ministry is to plan and execute the actions destined to the foreign policies of the Republic of Chile.
The Press Office of the Ministry includes news about foreign affairs of the Chilean State, among others.

Public Media

National Television of Chile

It is a company created since the Law 19132/92 and it is defined as “(…) independent from both the government and the several public organisms”. -view more-
Se puede acceder al canal en vivo online, así como a toda la programación, tanto de teleseries como la que trata temas de cultura, especiales y de 24 horas.

Presidency of the Republic

President: Nicolás Maduro Moros
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is located in the north area of South America. It has a territorial extension of 916.445 square kilometers, and a population of 30.851.343 inhabitants.
The website of the Presidency depends on the Ministry of Popular Power of the Office of the Presidency and Monitoring of the Government Administration. This organism represents the link among the several areas of the government in order to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

Ministry of Popular Power for the Communication and Information

Minister: Desireé Santos Amaral
The Ministry was created with the objective of establishing the communication policies of the government. It has offices and vice-ministries, with the objective of the development of the communication through audiovisual, radial, web formats, among others.
Besides, this website includes the link to the Official Gazette.

National System of Public Media

It depends on the Ministry of Popular Power for the Communication and Information. It is formed by the Social Venezuelan Television; Telesur TV; National Radio of Venezuela; the Venezuelan News Agency; Venezuelan of Television; Mundial Radio YVKE; Newspaper Ciudad CCS; la South Radio; Alba TV; Television of the National Assembly; Network of Communication VIVE.

Home page of the Government of the Republic

President: Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez
The Republic of Panama has a territory of 75.517 square kilometers, with a population of more than 3 million of inhabitants. The country is divided into nine provinces, 75 districts and three indigenous regions at provincial level.
The website gives information about the President, the Vicepresident, First Lady, Transparency and Press articles.
On the main page, there are the latest news related to the public activity of the President and actions of the government.

Ministry of the Presidency

It has the objective of being the nexus of the communication among the President of the Republic, the Cabinet and other organisms of the State. Its main functions are:
“To coordinate the state activities made at the Public Sector; to inform citizens about the government administration; to develop programs of social care; to be the responsible of the promulgation of rules and decisions that came from the Cabinet; to maintain the personal security of the President in every circumstances as well as to provide security to state dignitaries; and to release, through the state radio, the governmental administration”.

Public Media

Radio and TV State System

It is defined as a system with the purpose of being the producer and broadcasting station of educational, cultural and informative programming, with high quality for the promotion of the democratic life. –view more-. It was created in 2005 as a system that allowed to integrate and coordinate the media that form part of the Education Ministry.
The website has links to National Radio FM 101 and Radio Crisol FM 91.5.
It also includes the SerTV channel programming and the national production programs.

Costa Rica
Home page of the Government of Costa Rica

President: Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera
The Republic of Costa Rica is a country of Central America, which is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and by Panama to the southeast.
The website is organized in relation to the institutional information of the Presidency – Vicepresidency; Ministries; Secretariats; First Lady- and to the most significant international and national news. It also includes the blog of the Presidency, with an interactive account through social media.
In the “Information” section, there are news and communiqués, as well as the presidential agenda and several documents.

Public Media

National System of Public Media (SINART)

It is a state-owned company of communication, which has been created since more than three decades with the purpose of integrating the Costa Rica media.
It has Canal 13; National Radio; Magazine RTN News; , RTN Publicity -Publicity Agency-, Magazine Contrapunto.
On the website there are access to these media. Besides, it includes SINART institutional information, and the Audit Office of Services form and the possibility of watching the session of the Legislative Assembly on streaming.

National Printing House of Costa Rica

It is the public company of graphic arts that can be hired by State organisms. On the website there are information about the institution –view About us- institution and the products offered by the printing house: the Digital Editor, the Gazette and the Judicial Bulletin.

Presidency of Nicaragua

President: Daniel Ortega
The Republic of Nicaragua is divided into fifteen departments and two autonomous regions.
The website gives information about the activities carried out by the Government. It also has a section of
Documents and a link called El Pueblo Presidente.

Vicepresidency of the Republic

From the institutional perspective, the Vicepresidency of the Republic includes specific activities that were published on the web. It has information about the Mission and Vision of the Vicepresidency. Besides there are activities, news, links of interest and the institutional memory.

Nicaragua’s Institute of Telecommunications and Post services (TELCOR)

It is the entity that regulates the telecommunications and postal services of Nicaragua. It was created through the Law 1053/82, published in the Official Daily Gazette. The institute is in charge of the regulation of the radioelectric spectrum. Besides, it aims to plan, supervise and implement the laws that regulate the installation and set in motion of the telecommunications and postal services.
On the TELCOR website there are sections about the Institutional information, the Legal Framework and the Users Care.

Public Media

La Gaceta- Official newspaper of Nicaragua

It is the Official Gazette of the Government, where there are the sanctioned laws, decrees and resolutions -among other administrative instances.
The website of La Gaceta newspaper includes the previous printed editions, , statistics of publications, subscriptions and links of public interest (Presidency, Post Office, Interior Ministry, among others).

News Portal El 19 Digital

It is a website that has news about National and International information. It also includes articles about Politics, Economy and Public Interest. Besides, there are access to the speeches of the President, the Image Gallery, the portal Juventud Presidente and El 19 TV.

La voz del Sandinismo print media

It is a print media that is defined itself as “Unconditional Supporters of The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and its leadership”. -view more-
Among its objectives there are the production of public interest news, related to the Nicaraguan events.
The news portal includes national and international information about public interest issues. Its axis are: Nicaragua, International, Economy, Culture, Science/Technology, Sports and Opinión.

New Radio Ya

On the website there is access to online radio. It produces information and public interest news about several issues, including economy and entertainment.

Radio Nicaragua

It is the National public radio of the Christian, Socialist and Solidarity Government of Nicaragua. On the website there are the radio programming and news aboutDomestic Affairs, Opinion, Health, among other topics.

Portal of the Government of the Republic

President:Juan Orlando Hernández
The Republic of Honduras has more than eight million of inhabitants and a territory of 112.000 square kilometers.
The portal of the Presidency establishes its communicational strategy in relation to the following items: Presidency, First Lady, Presidential Tours, Surprise Visit, News, Projects, Official Magazine and National Chain. On the main page there news about the Honduran Government and access to the National Television of Honduras on live through streaming.

Secretariat of Communication and Presidential Strategy

Special Adviser: Hilda Hernández
The Secretariat is aimed at designing a communication strategy that guarantees access to the information of the Government actions. It also contribute to the access to public information by citizens. –view Mission and Vision
The Press Office of the Secretariat includes information and news about the events that took place in Honduras and Latin America.
On the main website there are also links to the Cabinet and secretariats that made up the Honduran State.

Public Media

Honduras National Radio

It is the public radio of the country, which produces programs and news. The website offers information about public interest issues. It also has access to listen the online radio.

Government of the Republic

Presidente:Jimmy Morales
This official website of the Guatemala’s Presidency is released through the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency. It offers information about news of Guatemala and the policies of the Government. The website is focused on the Public Information and the Alert “Alba Keneth” (a space that reports the lack in the children’s home).
The Public Information item is referred to the areas of the government, salaries of the officials and public employees, Mission and Objectives of the institution, among others axis.

Vicepresidency of the Republic

Vicepresident: Juan Alfonso Fuentes Soria
The functions of the vicepresidency can be found within the framework of the ministries and chambers. The Press area reports news about the vicepresidency and a gallery of photos. Besides, the website includes the links of Transparency; the Secretariat against the Sexual Violence and human trafficking; the National Secretariat of Administration of Seized Assets, among the entities that depends on the Vicepresidency of the Nation.

Ministry of Communication, Infrastructure and Housing

Minister: Victor Enrique Corado Valdez
It is an organism of the government with the objective of strengthening the development of the country, through the access to communication, infrastructure and housing. It aims to improve the efficiency of the implementation process of public policies.
On the website there are the links: About Us, News, Transparency y Service Catalogue, among others.
It also has access to the Government Official Channel.

Public Media

News Agency of Guatemala

It is a news agency that produces information about politics, sports, technology, environment, economy and business, security and justice, art and culture. .
The main page offers access to the websites of other organism of public communication of Latin America -Bolivian Agency of Information, Venezuelan News Agency, Brazilian Communication Company, among others-.

Newspaper El Diario de Centroamerica

It was founded by English Marco J. Kelly in 1880, and is the oldest newspaper in Guatemala. In the beginning it received private financing, but it became official in 1999 by the purchase on part of the Guatemalan State.
During its long story, this newspapers experienced several modifications until its present format: print and digital.
It includes information about all the public aspects of Guatemala: politics, economy and public interest and sports.
The newspaper is aims to publish and broadcast information about Guatemala in order to strengthen the link among the State, the private companies and inhabitants.

El Salvador
Presidency of the Republic

President:Salvador Sánchez Cerén
On the website of the Presidency there is information about the Government of El Salvador, its officials, secretariats, news of the country, communiqués, bid services and several significant issues in relation to the State.
It also includes news and access to public media of El Salvador.

Active Transparency

It is an initiative of the Secretariat of Citizen participation, Transparency and Anti-corruption. It aims to promote the Access to the Public Information through the virtual channel of communication. It looks for transparency in the following issues: Economy, Education, Environment, Domestic Affairs, Opinion, Citizen Participation, Politics, Accountability, among others. –view more-

Public Media

System of Public Media of El Salvador

It a media system made up by:
Television of El Salvador: It aims to be “A communication media that shows the diversity of El Salvador, through several and entertaining contents that reflects our cultural process, foments the democratic participation and contributes to the construction of identities of El Salvador” –view Somos TVES-
National Radio of El Salvador: It has access to listen live radio. Besides, it includes public interest news.
International Radio of El Salvador

Portal of the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico

President:Enrique Peña Nieto
The United Mexican States is a federal republic located in North America, which has a population of 122 million of persons. The extension of the territory is of 1.973.000 square kilometers.
The website of the Presidency has news of the country, through the access to the Presidency blog, the Press hall, the multimedia archives and public interest documents.
The page offers a guide to procedures, which correspond to the area that make up the State (education, health, transports).

Federal Institute of Telecommunications

It is a regulating entity aims to promote the utilization of the telecommunications through the control of the radiolectric spectrum, the infrastructure and networks. –view Philosophy-
The webpage includes a sections to Users and Audiences, where there are the Letter of Rights and other significant information.

Transparency Obligations Portal

It belongs to the National Institute of Transparency, access to the information and protection of datas. It aims to “guarantee the right of citizens to the governmental public information and the privacy of their personal data. It also has the purpose of promoting the culture of the access to information, accountability and right of privacy in the society and in the government”. –view Mission and Vision-
The purpose of the portal is to provide information about the State contracts, licenses and subsidies.

Public Media

Channel 11

It depends on the National Polytechnic Institute and it is in operation since 1959. It aims to produce high quality contents to the Mexican people, including issues related to entertainment and circulation of information.
On the website there are the channel programming, institutional information and multimedia archives.

Channel 22

It is a public channel with two antennas (national and international). It is defined as a cultural channel and has been in operation since 1993.
On the website there are the TV programming, and information about the transparency of the channel administration.

National Agency of the State

It is an organism of the Mexican State, which is decentralized from the Federal Public Administration. –view more-.
It produces national news, but it also aims to be a regional referent.

Portal of the Republic of Cuba

President of the Ministers Council: Raúl Castro Ruiz
The website includes information about the Council of Ministers and its responsibilities, official news, through the News Agency of Cuba. It also has information about the foreign policies, and the social and economic development.

Public Media


There is a list of the public media: printed, radio, TV, magazines and web portals.

Newspaper Granma

It belongs to the Official Organ of the central committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, and is working since 1965. This newspaper produces information focused on the following axis: Cuba; World; Sports; Culture; Opinion; Scienceand Healt.
It has a multimedia archive, blogs with several themes and a link to the print edition.

Cuban News Agency

The Cuban News Agency (or National Agency of Information) works for four decades in Cuba, producing national and international information. Among its sections there are: Photos, Radio, Text, Publicity, Signal ACN, Audiovisual, Credentials, Special Services, Center for Documentation.

Latin Press

It is a Latin America news agency that issues news of all the region. It also has a radio and a multimedia archive.

United States
Home page of the United States of America

President: Donald Trump
The United States is a country located on North America and it is bordered by Canada and Mexico. It is a federal constitutional republic made up of 50 states and a Federal District, where there is the main headquarter of the Government.
The portal has updated information about the organism and activities of the government. The website is part of the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies since 2002, when the E-Government Law was sanctioned.

Portal of the White House

It is the Government House of the United States.
The Press Hall includes news and speeches of President Barack Obama, who gives a “Weekly Message” every Saturday mornings. The message is about the political direction of some events.

Department of State

The Department carries out foreign affairs policies. It has a Bureau of Public Affairs, that engages domestic and international media to communicate timely and accurate information with the goal of furthering U.S. foreign policy and national security interests.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

The Public Broadcasting Services began its operations in 1952. It was defined as the National Educative Television. In the present, PBS is the biggest classroom of the United States, along with the associated stations.-view About PBS- In this sense, it keeps the pedagogical and artistic vision. Its Mission is associated with the education and promotion of the democratic values to the people of United States. -view Mission-

Latin Public Broadcasting (LPB)

It is an educative and cultural media system created in 1998, which has the objective of producing content of interest for the Latin community in United States. It is financed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It also receives private contributions in form of donations.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)

It is a private and nonprofit corporation, through which the United States finances part of the public broadcasting. It is focused on the programs of minority groups from Africa or Latin America.

National Public Radio (NPR)

NPR is an organization that produces contents for radio and other multimedia contents. It aims to provide material to public radios associated to NPR in the whole country, creating programs with different perspectives. It is financed by public and private contributions.

Presidency of the Ecuador Republic

President: Rafael Correa
The Republic of Ecuador is formed by 24 provinces divided into a territory of 283.560 square kilometers.
The Presidency’s home page includes information about the public activity of the President, the Agenda, Transparency, Decrees, Speeches and Prees.
It also has links to the organisms that form part of the Ecuadorian State.

National Secretariat of Communication

National Secretary: Patricio Barriga
It is an organism in charge of the production and broadcast of public policies, in order to strengthen the people power and improve the regulating function of the State.
On the website there are information about the Secretariat, Programs and Services, Library, Transparency, News and Citizen Contact.

Agency of Regulation and Control of the Communications

It is the entity that regulates the telecommunications service in Ecuador. It has the purpose of the harmonious promotion of the sector, which regulates and looks out for the access’s rights of the users.
It includes information about the institution and its transparency, programs and services and the strategic planning.

National System of Information

This system depends on the National Secretariat of Planning and Development. “The National System of Information constitutes the organized group of elements, which allows the interaction of actors in order to access, get, save and transform data into significant information for the development planning and public finances”. -view more-
The website includes Statistical, Geographic and Territorial Information.

Public Media

Public Radio of Ecuador (RPE)

It was created in 2008 as an initiative to integrate the frequencies of the antique National Radio. On its website, RPE gives the possibility of listening to the radio. It also includes the radio programming.
Besides, it has the following sections: Ecuador in action; Programs; Free Trade Zone; Interculturaland Access to South Voices.

Newspaper: El Telégrafo

It was founded in Guayaquil in 1884. This newspaper produces information and news about several aspects of public interest: Politics, Economy, Culture, among others.

Radio and Television of Ecuador

It is formed by the public radio and television system of Ecuador. It produces contents for both media formats, with the purpose of informing and promoting a participative culture in citizens.
The website includes access to the public radio and television.

El Ciudadano TV

It is defined as the “official media of the city revolution”. It includes the press, TV, Radio and web platform.

“Andes” news agency

It is the national and international news agency of Ecuador. It aims to provide reliable and verified information to local and regional media. It was born as an initiative of the Communication Secretariat and, at present, depends on Ecuador TV.
The website is organized in the following sections: Breaking News, Politics, Economy, Special news, Society, Sports, World and Latin America.

Presidency of the Republic

President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón
The Republic of Colombia is an State made up by 32 departments and an unique capital district. It has 47.662.000 inhabitants and an extension of territory of 2.070.408 square kilometers (ground and maritime).
The website of the Presidency is presented as a channel of public information for citizens. It includes information about the Presidencyand (Vicepresident and Ministries); Rules y City Assistant.
It also has a link to the Press Hall, which includes news about the President, presidential speeches and audiovisual resources.

Ministry of Technologies of Information and Communication (MinTIC)

Minister: David Luna
It was created in 2009 since the sanction of the Law 1341, which establishes the functions of the Ministry. They includes the design of plans, programs and projects in favor of the inclusion of Colombia’s inhabitants in the access and use of the Information and Communication Technologies.
ver Acerca del MinTIC.
The MinTIC has a Press Office, , which includes news, events, audiovisual contents and Press Office’s Contacts.

Home page of the city participation: “Urna de Cristal”

Interinstitutional Coordination ‘Urna de Cristal’ and Digital Task Forces, headed by Carolina González.
Urna de Cristal is a tool that promotes the participation, through several campaigns of Consultation, Pedagogical contents and Exercises of Participation, It aims to include the citizen’s opinions in the design of public policies of Colombia.
The initiative Urna de Cristal has a Radio and Videos.

System of Public Media (RTVC)

The Society of Radio and Television of Colombia is an organism formed by public media enterprises, and it was created through the Decree 3525/04. In addition to this, the Decree 3912/04 established the functions and organization of this organism. organigram.
RTVC aims to produce and release contents through its several media formats, in order to favor the education and access to culture. It also has the objective of promoting a multicultural view of the country.-View Objectives and Functions-
The system is formed by two TV channels, four radio stations (two of these with digital format) and a project denominated “Señal Memoria”. This last one has the objective of being an audiovisual library for public access.

National Authority of Television

Director: Ángela María Soto
This agency was created in 2012, through the Law 1507. It aimed at being a control organism, which regulates the informative plurality, the efficiency and quality of the television service. Besides, it is the nexus between the audience interest and the media, in order to favor the offer of TV services.

National Agency of the Radioelectric Spectrum

It is the agency that controls and executes the possibility of the use of the radioelectric spectrum in Colombia. It was created in the framework of the Law 1341 (2009), with the objective of extending the covering of bandwidth, and improving the services of third parties. -View Objectives, Functions and Duties-.